BridgePoint Provides Hurricane Matthew Relief

BridgePoint Civil providing Hurricane Matthew ReliefHurricane Matthew flooding has caused an estimated $1.5 Billion in damage to more than 100,000 buildings throughout North Carolina.

BridgePoint Civil got right to work helping our community in need. By repairing roads and helping residents of Goldsboro and Fayetteville clear debris, BridgePoint is providing much-needed relief. One neighborhood faced an unusual situation—being forced to use an unsafe road to get into and out of their community.

Siple Avenue used to be the only safe way to get in or out . . . Hurricane Matthew has changed that.

The state shut down Rayconda Parkway two years ago because they deemed it unsafe. Following Hurricane Matthew, the community had to reopen the road to get in and out of their neighborhood.



The BridgePoint Civil team is working nights and weekends to improve the road to the Rayconda subdivision.